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New Jersey Hospital Seizes An Opportunity To Maintain Its Mission

     I\’ve written here previously about the need for all constituents at a financially challenged hospital to collaborate towards a mutually positive solution, and to seize the moment of opportunity…

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5th Circuit’s Poliner Decision Boosts HCQIA Immunity

         [Image: U.S. Hygiene Laboratory photo of Schick test, a measure of immunity from diphtheria, 1915]           It may be the weather, the economy, or the mounting pressure on hospitals…

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Healthcare Is Not Recession Proof

          I just read an excellent post by Jeff Goldsmith in The Health Care Blog entitled “Health care is not recession proof.” In it, he debunks the “conventional wisdom” that…

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Special Issue Of New Jersey Lawyer Covers Healthcare Law

          The current issue of in Re: Magazine, the special supplement to the weekly newspaper, New Jersey Lawyer, is dedicated to healthcare law and is online now.                    In…

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Use Mediators, Not Juries, To Resolve Medical Staff Disputes

        [Image: Engraving of Gilbert  and Sullivan\’s Trial by Jury, from Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, by D. H. Friston, May 1, 1875.]           Recently I wrote about the…

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Hospitals Must Develop Sustainable ER On-Call Programs (Did you want to keep that finger?)

                   [Image: Hospital Corpsman sutures a patient\’s hand.  Photo by Dexter Roberts, May 31, 2005]           I recently wrote here that the Report of the New Jersey Commission On…

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