"Alternative Dispute Resolution In Healthcare"


Richard J. Webb - Arbitrator, Mediator, Hearing Officer and Attorney At Law

An independent neutral serving as arbitrator, mediator or hearing officer in healthcare business disputes nationwide, providing efficient resolution of legal conflicts affecting hospitals, physicians, health insurers and their business partners.


Subject Matter Expertise

Broad and deep experience designing, negotiating and implementing a wide variety of healthcare business relationships since 1982.


Commitment to Healthcare Dispute Resolution

Full-time professional practice as a neutral devoted to the healthcare industry – with no separate legal practice or clientele.


ADR Training and Experience

Hundreds of hours of formal training and ongoing study of the processes most often used to resolve healthcare disputes (arbitration, mediation and medical staff fair hearings) – along with years of dispute resolution practice 


Accessible and Responsive

Resolution of your dispute is a priority – services are accessible by direct consultation and through the major healthcare ADR providers.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) offers a different approach from the traditional process of litigation through the courts. In every case, the goal is to reach a fair resolution of the dispute more quickly, more efficiently and with less harm to the parties’ future interests than with pursuit of a lawsuit to conclusion.


Tools To Help You Decide How Your Healthcare Dispute Will Be Resolved

If you wait until a natural disaster strikes to prepare for a power outage or worse, you may find yourself with limited options, a dark house and a lot of spoiled food. The chances that one of your important contracts will go sour are much greater than the risk of a hurricane’s direct hit, yet we pay far more attention to disaster preparedness than we do to how our future business disputes will get resolved.

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Guided Choice Mediation – A Better Way To Settle Disputes

Despite training by some of the best mediation educators over the last 20 years, it was only fairly recently that I became aware of the name given to the mediation process known as “Guided Choice.” Championed most notably by Paul M. Lurie, Guided Choice Mediation is really a thoughtful organization and bundling of certain practices that together lead to better mediation results.

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Healthcare Neutral Grand Re-Opening

Almost twelve years ago, I formed Healthcare Neutral as a specialized dispute resolution practice and started blogging (see Archives). I operated Healthcare Neutral in parallel with my solo healthcare law firm for over five years before going “in-house” as the general counsel to one of my healthcare clients in 2013. For the last six plus years Healthcare Neutral has continued, but on a part-time basis given the demands of my full-time position. Blogging fell by the wayside. Until now.

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