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Cordero v. Christ Hospital Opens A Can Of Worms

     A decision by the Appellate Division of the Superior Court of New Jersey last week will raise more questions than it answered in malpractice cases involving hospital based physicians. …

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Reinhardt Commission Report Will Require Unprecedented Hospital – Physician Collaboration

                                  [Image: US Navy Commander Robert S. Kerno, Commanding Officer, USS Yorktown, points out some sights to the President of Venezuela, Hugo…

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Reinhardt Commission Report: New Jersey Hospitals Need To Focus On Blocking and Tackling

          [Image: 2005 Texas Longhorn football team playing the University of Colorado, by Johntex 2005]           The New Jersey Commission On Rationalizing Health Care Resources (a/k/a the…

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Who Wants To Sell Their Hospital On The Auction Block?

                  [Image: Auctioneer and assistants, Cheviot, Ohio, 2004, by Rick Dikeman]                Less than three months ago, I wrote here (with reference to Boston\’s Carney Hospital) about…

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Werner Institute To Host Health Care Conference

                  [Image: Omaha jazz great Lewis “Luigi” Waites plays the vibraphone during a tribute to Duke Ellington, July 29, 1999, Photo by Jim Williams, for “Joselyn Art Museum: Jazz…

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Economic Credentialing: A Cooperative Approach

[This post is taken from my longer article, “Economic Credentialing –  Hospitals and Physicians at the Crossroads”, appearing in the New Jersey Lawyer Magazine, February 2007.]             “Economic credentialing” …

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