Special Issue Of New Jersey Lawyer Covers Healthcare Law

June 10, 2008

          The current issue of in Re: Magazine, the special supplement to the weekly newspaper, New Jersey Lawyer, is dedicated to healthcare law and is online now.


          In addition to an article by yours truly entitled Alternative Dispute Resolution In The Healthcare Industry, topics covered include:

Nuances Of Purchasing  A Medical Practice, by Peter A. Greenbaum;

The Next Wave Of Healthcare Fraud Enforcement In New Jersey, by Mark S. Olinsky and Gary W. Herschman;

Answering Malpractice Insurance Questionnaires, by Christopher R. Barbrack;

Medicaid Beneficiaries\’ Rights Not To be Evicted From Nursing Homes, by William P. Isele; and,

New IRS Form 990 And Transparency For Nonprofit Boards, by Todd C. Brower and Isai Senthil.

[Image: Newspaper Rock, by Jon Sullivan, February 15, 2004]