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MED-ARB: The Best Of Both Worlds?

                  [Image: Top view of the two-headed Boa Island Janus figure, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, by Kenneth Allen, May 22, 2006]           Last night I attended a joint meeting…

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Supreme Court’s Decision In Hall Street Offers Something For Everyone

 [Image:  A supreme pizza with pepperoni, peppers, olives and mushrooms, by Scott Bauer, USDA]           Last week, the U. S. Supreme Court decided the much anticipated arbitration case, Hall Street…

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Super Lawyers, Like Superstars, Can Come And Go

                    [Image: World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Rikishi performs for the troops at Camp Victory, Baghdad, Iraq, December 20, 2003, by TSGT Lias M. Zunzanyika, USAF]           Until very…

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Do You Know How Judges Decide Cases? Do You Have A Hunch?

                 [Image: The center third of “Education” (1890), a stained glass window by Charles Louis Tiffany and Tiffany Studios, located in Linsley-Chittenden Hall at Yale University.  It depicts Science…

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Should Doctors Insist That Their Patients Arbitrate? Should Patients Agree?

                    [Image: The Turnstiles of Taipei in Xindien Station, by Shack,  June 28, 2007]           An article posted in Sunday\’s by Inquirer Staff Writer Stacey Burling described arbitration…

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Garibaldi Inn of Court Revisits Hall Street v. Mattel

                                     [Image: A view of Inner Temple Gardens, London, The Lud, 10-03-2006]             Two months ago, I the then pending oral argument in Hall Street Associates, L.L.C. v….

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