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Contracting For The Unknown Using ADR

                             [Image: “Cap\’n Archie” fortune telling machine, Archie McPhee store, Seattle, Washington, March 20, 2007, by Joe Mabel]        Healthcare providers and insurers sign contracts every day that extend…

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Changes In Legal Practice And The Use Of ADR

       In case you haven\’t noticed, the law business – the way law is practiced – has been changing at a rate uncharacteristic of the profession. Financial pressure from the…

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Changes In Scope Of Healthcare Practice = Conflict, Too

     Earlier this week I wrote about the inevitability of conflict arising out of the leading ideas behind healthcare reform.  Restructuring healthcare payment systems to reward efficiency and quality rather…

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Healthcare Reform and Inevitable Conflict: Smaller Pie Means Smaller Slices

     With all the media coverage of healthcare reform and its political ramifications, its easy to get caught up in the debate. Notwithstanding the recent setbacks, there will be some…

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Cardozo To Host Conflict At Work Symposium

[Image: Anselm Feuerbach\’s painting of a scene from Plato\’s Symposium, 1869.]      The Cardozo School of Law Journal of Conflict Resolution will hold its 11th annual symposium in New York…

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What It Means To Be Neutral

[An astronaut training in the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory at the NASA Johnson Space Center]          I recently read an excellent commentary in the New Jersey Law Journal (195 N.J.L.J….

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