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ADR Can Help Lawyers “Win Cheap”

     I\’ve been on a mission to convince fellow lawyers that encouraging clients to use mediation, arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution methods is good for clients and their lawyers….

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AAA Announces New Healthcare Payor-Provider Arbitration Rules

     Arbitration has been getting a bum rap lately. Many complain that arbitration has become litigation by another name, with its only advantage being the opportunity of the parties to…

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Contracting For The Unknown Using ADR

                             [Image: “Cap\’n Archie” fortune telling machine, Archie McPhee store, Seattle, Washington, March 20, 2007, by Joe Mabel]        Healthcare providers and insurers sign contracts every day that extend…

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Changes In Legal Practice And The Use Of ADR

       In case you haven\’t noticed, the law business – the way law is practiced – has been changing at a rate uncharacteristic of the profession. Financial pressure from the…

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Will Healthcare Providers “Game” Quality Measures?

     I just read an interesting post over at John Goodman\’s Health Policy Blog, “What We Can Learn From The Airlines.” Picking up on a story that 79.5% of all…

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Arbitration Opt-Out Provisions Look Like Good Medicine

     Whether you believe healthcare providers should ask patients to sign pre-claim arbitration agreements, it is a practice that is growing among providers tiring of the burdens imposed by the…

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