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Medicaid Cuts Will Strain Hospital – Physician Relations

     Kevin Sack wrote earlier this week in The New York Times about the effect Medicaid cuts are having on patients throughout the country. The focus of that article was…

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Pay Doctors Less And They Will Work Less

     Really?  A recent article in The Washington Post by Carla K. Johnson points out that doctors have steadily cut their work hours over the last decade, largely in response…

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Will Healthcare Providers “Game” Quality Measures?

     I just read an interesting post over at John Goodman\’s Health Policy Blog, “What We Can Learn From The Airlines.” Picking up on a story that 79.5% of all…

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New Jersey Battle Over Out Of Network Waivers Of Copays Continues

     An interesting battle has developed in New Jersey over the billing practices of healthcare providers that do not “participate” in health insurance networks established by their patients\’ insurers. Participation…

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Changes In Scope Of Healthcare Practice = Conflict, Too

     Earlier this week I wrote about the inevitability of conflict arising out of the leading ideas behind healthcare reform.  Restructuring healthcare payment systems to reward efficiency and quality rather…

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Healthcare Reform and Inevitable Conflict: Smaller Pie Means Smaller Slices

     With all the media coverage of healthcare reform and its political ramifications, its easy to get caught up in the debate. Notwithstanding the recent setbacks, there will be some…

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