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Healthcare Subject Matter Expertise – An Arbitrator’s Blessing or Curse?

     Today I listened to a roundtable discussion on “Handling Healthcare Arbitration Effectively” presented by the American Health Lawyers Association. The Panel offered valuable practical tips on drafting an arbitration…

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Third Circuit Clarifies Class Arbitration Rule – Sort Of

     On April 3, 2012, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals released its opinion in Sutter v. Oxford Health Plans (No. 11-1773). The case is one of long-standing in New…

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American Arbitration Association Calls For Muscular Arbitration

       Last week I attended the American Arbitration Association\’s Neutrals Conference, held this year in Scottsdale, Arizona. Over 300 AAA neutrals (arbitrators and mediators) from across the country and overseas…

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NJ Bar Section Offers Brown Bag Lunch On Antitrust Developments In Healthcare

       The New Jersey State Bar Association\’s Health and Hospital Law Section is offering an interesting program in an alternative format. The program will address antitrust developments related to various…

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Reshaping Doctors’ Compensation – Be Careful What You Wish For

       Healthcare reform measures and the prevailing wisdom of industry visionaries tell us that the way we pay our doctors must change. In a nutshell, we\’re told that doctors paid…

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AAA Announces New Healthcare Payor-Provider Arbitration Rules

     Arbitration has been getting a bum rap lately. Many complain that arbitration has become litigation by another name, with its only advantage being the opportunity of the parties to…

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