Healthcare Neutral Grand Re-Opening

September 10, 2019

Almost twelve years ago, I formed Healthcare Neutral as a specialized dispute resolution practice and started blogging (see Archives). I operated Healthcare Neutral in parallel with my solo healthcare law firm for over five years before going “in-house” as the general counsel to one of my healthcare clients in 2013. For the last six plus years Healthcare Neutral has continued, but on a part-time basis given the demands of my full-time position. Blogging fell by the wayside. Until now.

This post marks the re-opening of Healthcare Neutral as my full-time professional pursuit. Having resigned from my day job, I am now able to focus on the practice of ADR in the healthcare field, this time without a competing legal practice or separate legal clientele.

Blogging will be a part of my effort to get the word out on the advantages of alternative dispute resolution over conventional litigation. It will also enable me to interact with healthcare business leaders and legal advisors who wrestle with thorny conflicts in healthcare on a daily basis. I look forward to that dialogue.

My plan is to cover topics related to ADR practice and procedure, healthcare business developments and the science around how people in conflict make decisions. I hope you find these posts useful, and I welcome your comments.

(Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels)

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