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New Jersey Decision Throws Physician Owned Facilities Into Confusion

                   [Image: Confusion of Tongues, illustration by Gustave Dore (1832-1883)]           In a decision filed November 20, 2007, Judge Robert P. Contillo, sitting in the Superior Court, Chancery Division,…

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Why Allow Judges To Become Robin Hoods?

                         [Image: Douglas Fairbanks as Robin Hood; a screenshot from the 1922 United artists film Robin Hood.]           Writing in the ABA Journal Law News Now, Debra Cassens…

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Wal-Mart Healthcare Subrogation Case Highlights Need To Get All Players At The Table

                      [Image:  Photo of Poker Table at the 2004 World Poker Tour 5 Diamond Bellagio by                     flipchip/]            As reported by Debra Cassens Weiss in the ABA Journal,…

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Financially Distressed Hospitals Need More Talk Less Walk

                           [Image: You talking to me? Photo by Ped Xing, Austin, Texas, 2005]           Writing in his HealthBlawg, David Harlow tells the tale of Boston\’s financially distressed Carney…

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Werner Institute To Host Health Care Conference

                  [Image: Omaha jazz great Lewis “Luigi” Waites plays the vibraphone during a tribute to Duke Ellington, July 29, 1999, Photo by Jim Williams, for “Joselyn Art Museum: Jazz…

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Thank you Victoria Pynchon!

                [Image: Karma. Illustration taken from “Ten Questions people ask About Hinduism…and ten terrific answers!”]           I checked my newsreader tonight only to find my own picture – looking back…

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