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Litigating A Medical Practice Break-Up Is Rarely A Good Idea

     I observe the insides of medical practice business disputes on a regular basis, and I am always amazed at (1) how many similarities there are, and (2) how often…

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Solving The Balance Billing Problem In New York And Elsewhere

     Over three years ago, I wrote here about the “balance billing” problem; in short, the practice of non-participating healthcare providers billing patients for the difference between the provider\’s charge…

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How Not To Conduct A Medical Staff Fair Hearing

     If you want to know what you shouldn\’t do when conducting a medical staff fair hearing, read the opinion of the Federal District Court for the Northern District of…

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Who Pays The Hospital – Medical Staff Standing Neutral?

     See my guest post today at Disputing: Who Pays the Hospital – Medical Staff Standing Neutral? This is a follow up to the four part series on the Hospital…

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Healthcare Subject Matter Expertise – An Arbitrator’s Blessing or Curse?

     Today I listened to a roundtable discussion on “Handling Healthcare Arbitration Effectively” presented by the American Health Lawyers Association. The Panel offered valuable practical tips on drafting an arbitration…

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Third Circuit Clarifies Class Arbitration Rule – Sort Of

     On April 3, 2012, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals released its opinion in Sutter v. Oxford Health Plans (No. 11-1773). The case is one of long-standing in New…

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