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Randall Kiser To Address NJ Dispute Resolution Section On Effective Decision Making

       The New Jersey State Bar Association\’s Dispute Resolution Section is offering a three part series of programs on decision making entitled “Judgments: How We Reach Them And How We…

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Contracting For The Unknown Using ADR

                             [Image: “Cap\’n Archie” fortune telling machine, Archie McPhee store, Seattle, Washington, March 20, 2007, by Joe Mabel]        Healthcare providers and insurers sign contracts every day that extend…

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Emotions In Mediation: Beware The Runaway Train

     Every dispute comes to mediation wrapped in emotion. Sometimes it relates to the wrong or harm arising from the conduct that triggered the dispute. Other times, it is simply…

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Mediating The Healthcare Reform Debate

     Even before watching the bipartisan healthcare summit on February 25th, I began to think about how I would mediate the divide between the Obama/Reid/Pelosi reform proposal and the position…

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Will Healthcare Providers “Game” Quality Measures?

     I just read an interesting post over at John Goodman\’s Health Policy Blog, “What We Can Learn From The Airlines.” Picking up on a story that 79.5% of all…

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Healthcare Self-Disclosure – “I’m Sorry” Revisited

     I just read an excellent article on the decision process for in-house corporate counsel considering self-disclosure of a regulatory infraction.  Richard Marshall\’s piece in Corporate Counsel, aptly titled “Uuuhhh,…

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