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Choosing Your Healthcare ADR Provider

[Image: New potato releases by Agriculture Research Service scientists give us even more choices of potatoes to eat.  Photo by Scott Bauer.]             If you are a party or…

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Healthcare Conflicts Appropriate For ADR

                                                [Image: Cliffs of Moher, Ireland, Photo by Tobias Helfrich, March 27, 2004]           The range of conflicts arising…

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ADR as Tort Reform

          All of the attention devoted to healthcare reform by the entire field of Presidential candidates reveals little mention of the need for medical malpractice reform.  Yet is there any…

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Why ADR Works In Healthcare, Reason #3

          Completing the thought addressed in the two previous posts, there is a third reason why ADR works well in resolving healthcare industry disputes. [Image: “Smeden og bageren”. Illustration by…

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Why ADR Works In Healthcare, Reason #2

          Continuing the thread started in my last post, there are several reasons why ADR works especially well in the healthcare industry.  [Image: Photo of Coins in the Trevi Fountain…

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Why ADR Works In Healthcare, Reason #1

          Alternative dispute resolution (or “ADR”) is increasingly being used to resolve conflicts arising in all facets of society.  The chief benefits of ADR (cost savings, faster results, confidentiality, and…

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