NJSBA Offers Program On Decision-Making By Judges And Arbitrators

February 16, 2012

       “Decision-Making By Judges And Arbitrators – How Decisions Are Made And Influences On The Process” will be the subject of a program by the Dispute Resolution Section of the New Jersey State Bar Association at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, February 28, at the Law Center. This is the second program in a series, and follows one covered here previously. The panel for this program includes retired Judge John W. Bissell, John E. Sands and John R. Holsinger, all noted arbitrators. They will discuss how they go about deciding cases, how judges and arbitrators differ, and what advocates should and should not do to influence a decision in their client\’s favor.

       I will be asking the panelists to address the role of “intuition” in the decision-making process. Four years ago I wrote here about a study that indicated state court judges are predominantly intuitive decision-makers, and intuitive judgments are often flawed. I see that as another reason to opt for arbitration, where a more deliberative approach and subject matter expertise can overcome intuition errors. 

       Registration is through the NJSBA. The program includes dinner and CLE credits. If you attend, please stop by and say hello.

[Image: Figurines representing three of the ten judges of Diyu, December 29, 2006, by Wafulz]