Welcome John DeGroote – Settlement Perspectives Blog!

September 18, 2008


       [Image: White Stork – welcoming the newly arrived, by Manfred Heyde, June 19, 2007]

     The dispute resolution blogosphere grew stronger recently with the launching of “Settlement Perspectives,” by John DeGroote.  Let me join fellow bloggers Nancy Hudgins (“Civil Negotiation and Mediation”), Diane Levin (“Mediation Channel.com”) and Christopher Annunziata (“CKA Mediation & Arbitration”) in welcoming John to the dialogue.  He has already demonstrated a grasp of the settlement process and human nature that makes his blog well worth reading.  And his writing style and blog design are terrific. Along with the blogs just mentioned and those of Victoria Pynchon (“Settle It Now Negotiation Blog”) and Geoff Sharp (“mediator blah…blah…”), he has become a regular read from my newsfeeder.  Last but not least, I note that John is a fellow Duke Law grad – with basketball season just around the corner, I\’ll be hoping for some Blue Devil inspired perspectives.

     If you negotiate and settle disputes, whether as a party, counsel or neutral, check it out!