Report From Seattle: Some Perspectives On ADR

April 17, 2008

         [Image: View of downtown Seattle from Kerry Park, with Mt. Rainier in the background, by U.S. Geological Survey, October 16, 2005]

         Two weeks ago, I attended the 10th Annual ABA Section of Dispute Resolution Spring Conference in Seattle.  Having dug out from the tasks accumulated during my time away, and with the benefit of some time for reflection, I now turn to writing about a few of the topics covered in some of the break-out sessions I attended at the conference.  On the whole, the conference was excellent, and I have already touched upon some topics (Hall Street, med-arb) that were addressed there in great detail.  In posts to follow, I will share what I learned about:

– mediating cases in which the only issue is money;

– the use of apologies in helping to resolve disputes arising from adverse healthcare outcomes; and,

– what frequent consumers of ADR want and consider to be quality when selecting their neutrals.

          Aside from the sessions discussing these topics and others, the conference offered an opportunity to meet and talk with interesting people from around the country (and beyond) who share a belief in the value of alternative dispute resolution, and who seek to improve the way in which they advance the cause.  For anyone who is serious about ADR, I highly recommend it.